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Abrar Hatoum

"I longed for fast, effective results and answers that made sense in day-to-day living..."

My Story

Since I was a teenager, I have been searching for answers to so many questions I had about life and people.


Why I felt the way I did at times?

Why people acted a certain way?

What is this life all about?


A lot did not make sense to me. As many people I am sure can relate to, I always felt there had to be more to all of this and there had to be a better way. I just did not know the “how” at the time.


Yet I knew early on that I wanted to find out. I wanted to change things, to unleash the power I knew was within me, to help others and make a difference in this world.


I grew up in Canada, Kuwait and Lebanon and traveled far and wide to many different countries: United Emirates, Oman, India, Singapore, Tunis, China, France, England, Mozambique in Africa and more. And all throughout, I was searching for answers, better techniques, and tools I can use to not only enhance myself but that of others as well.


I completed my bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs with the intention of joining the United Nations, believing at the time that could be the way to change things for the better. I worked with great Non-Profit Organizations and also completed my master’s degree to take on higher managerial positions so that I can become a better leader in the field.


I searched deep into various religions and practices, took on various hobbies, studied subjects about human behavior and different philosophies, read practically every self-help book that would come out at the time and so much more. And though in my journey I discovered a lot about people, different societies, life and especially myself, something still felt missing – I still had many questions unanswered, a lot unhandled and felt somehow still held back within. I longed for fast, effective results and answers that made sense in day-to-day living.


I started to even wonder at times if true effective help and real practical answers actually existed in this world. Maybe everyone was right, I thought, “life is just the way it is,” and one only “had to have faith” and similar such statements.


I felt a sort of failure, though I accomplished a lot in my life. I had losses, heartbreaks, shocks, upsets and I slowly found myself starting to accept the unethical conduct around me; even dumbing myself down at times so I can somehow "fit in"


Then one day, I said enough! I made a conscious decision to take control of my life again. Not to give up. To stay persistent... I kept on my search.


And here I am today; I finally can say, with not a shred of doubt, that I found the exact knowledge, workable tools and techniques that bring about true and lasting RESULTS in my life and the lives of others that I help.


I moved to the United States to continue my studies and became a trained professional Counselor and Consultant with the aim of enhancing the state of this world by helping people lead a more fulfilling, enlightened, and empowered life through all I learned and have applied myself.


I started Top Level Life with that mission in mind. I have stayed on that track working in this field for over eight years now. And this is only the beginning!


My drive and motivation to reach as many people from different parts of the globe, who are reaching themselves, increases by the day. The more I see people win in life, reach their highest abilities, feel empowered to deal with any situation in life and the people around them, the more fuel I get.


I want people to experience and live their “top level life” on every level!

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